moving on over

So I bit the bullet and moved my WordPress-hosted blog over to a self-hosted blog. The process was pretty tedious, but only because I decided to complete all of the coding myself in addition to all of the designs and integrations. The only problem I had with the transition was moving over my followers, which I found to be impossible. I hope you are all able to continue following my blog outside of the internal WordPress site!

The new site link is:

Please note, I will not be posting to this site ( anymore.

Moving forward, I have created a feedburner link so that you are able to easily add my blog to your feeds on most (all?) of your feed reader applications/sites. These can include*:


Online Services

The reason I moved from to is because I am now allowed much more customization on my site. I am a website designer, and it was killing me to not be able to add my own codes/plugins/widgets/designs. I am also now able to track and manage advertising which is very beneficial, especially as I expand my viewership.

To continue following my site, please check out the following links which can also be found in my sidebar. I will be posting my updates on my Facebook page whenever I post. If you click the “Subscribe” image below, you will be taken to my feed URL which can be added to the Feed Reader sites mentioned above.



I hope you like my new site and design! Please let me know if you have any questions!

*List taken from here


AEM is growing up!

I am sorry for the recent infrequency in posts! I am working on moving from to a self-hosted site! I am also working on a complete re-branding of August Every Month. Here is a sneak preview…


Stay tuned!